Progressive Alfalfa Mineral

Progressive Nutrition Alfalfa Mineral for Horses

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Progressive Alfalfa Mineral should be provided free choice to all horses eating alfalfa hay.

Get the Progressive Alfalfa Mineral Advantage:
  • Formulated to complement alfalfa hay
  • Designed to be fed “free-choice” to horses
  • Packaging: 25 lb Paper Bags and 25 lb Blocks
Progressive Alfalfa Mineral Contains
  • Balance of minerals and vitamins
  • Chelated Trace Minerals
  • Organic Selenium
  • 3 ounces contains the trace minerals and vitamins in one P.N. unit

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Per 1,000 lbs of Body Weight

Life StageDaily Amount of Progressive Grass Mineral
Maintenance3-4 ounces
Training4-6 ounces
Pregnant Mares6-8 ounces