Forage Pro™ Paddock Formula

Forage Pro Paddock Formula

Forage Pro Supplements are premium equine concentrates designed to be fed to horses where the ability to feed individually is not feasible. Forage Pro – Paddock Formula should be provided to horses eating grass pasture or hay. Provide access to pasture or hay equal to 1 ½ to 2% of their body weight per day. Forage Pro – Paddock Formula should be provided to horses that are confined to limited pasture or in dry-lot situations. Adequate forage must be available so that horses are not forced to over-consume the Forage Pro Supplement.

Get the Forage Pro™ - Paddock Formula Advantage:
  • Formulated to complement grass pasture or forage
  • Designed to be fed “free-choice” to horses where individual feeding is not feasible
  • Restricted consumption when fed to horses on smaller tracts of pasture or paddocks
  • Consumption should be approximately 1 ½ to 2 lbs per day for a 900-1100 lbs horse
  • Formulated to help prevent nutritionally induced developmental growth problems
  • Nutrient content to support muscle growth and development
  • Mineral and vitamin levels that meet the mare’s prenatal nutritional requirements
  • Added vegetable oil for enhanced hair-coat condition
Other Features and Benefits
  • A combination of protein and essential amino acids like lysine and methionine for optimum muscle growth development
  • Balance of minerals and vitamins for proper growth and development
  • Added vegetable oil for enhanced hair coat
  • Salt and magnesium added at a level to control consumption when fed to horses on small pastures or paddocks
  • Packaging: 50 lb Paper Bags

Forage Pro Paddock Formula is only available in select markets. Please see your local retailer for availability.

Download product information sheet here.

Horses Maturing to 1100-1300 lbs

Horses should be introduced slowly by offering about 1 lb of mineral per head per day for the first few days. The mineral can be increased to about 2 lb a couple days later to allow consumption to stabilize. Once stabilized, the mineral can be offered “free-choice”. Never offer more than a weeks supply at a time. Intake should be monitored closely to avoid excessive consumption.

Forage Pro consumption should range from 1 ½ lbs to 2 ½ lbs per day for 900 – 1300 lbs horses

  • Locate weatherproof feeder close to the water supply.
  • Never provide more than a week supply at a time.
  • If consumption level is outside of the 1 to 2 ½ lbs range, remove this product and contact your Progressive Nutrition Representative.