Rejuvenaide™ Plus Liquid

Rejuvenaide Plus Liquid Supplement for Foals

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Liquid supplement for foals and growing horses designed to help promote normal tendon and joint growth and healthy leg development.

Get the Rejuvenaide® ® Plus Advantage:
  • Ready-to-use requires no additional mixing
  • For use in growing horses over 5 days of age
  • Easily administered as a drench or top dress
  • 32-ounce plastic squeeze bottle that contains a measuring application system
  • Contains 100% Chelated trace minerals for easy absorption

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For foals beginning to show some growth related issues, Rejuvenaide® Plus Liquid can be administered after 5 days of age and can be used as long as the developmental problems persist. Rejuvenaide® Plus Liquid is administered at 5 cc’s per 100-pounds of body weight per day.

For foals exhibiting extreme growth related issues, the Rejuvenaide® Plus Liquid dosage should be doubled and given at 10 cc’s per 100-pounds of body weight daily. This higher dosage of Rejuvenaide® Plus Liquid is recommended between 30 and up to 60 days, depending on the foal’s response.

Once the foal is eating dry feed, you can top dress it at the rate of ½ fluid ounce per 300 lbs body weight per day, or 1 fluid ounce per 600 lbs body weight per day.

Introduce Progressive Nutrition’s FOALS FIRST® - Starter & Creep as soon as the foal shows interest in eating. This usually occurs with-in the first two weeks of life. One pound of FOALS FIRST® - Starter & Creep contains the same amount of chelated trace minerals as 5 cc of Rejuvenaide® liquid.