Progressive Nutrition FAQ's

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With mixed hay, select ProAdvantage® Grass Formula until the hay becomes 100% alfalfa. At this time, switch to ProAdvantage® Alfalfa Formula.

No — Because ProAdvantage® Grass Formula is very concentrated, you feed much less per day than a traditional feed. If you take the percent protein and multiply it by the pounds fed per day, you can correctly compare the amount of protein fed and see that it is no higher than traditional feeds, but of better quality (i.e., amino acids).

For example:

  • 30% protein X 1 lb/day fed = 0.30 lb of protein/day
  • 10% protein X 3 lbs/day fed = 0.30 lb of protein/day

ProAdvantage® Grass Formula and grass hay is one of the lower-calorie balanced diets you can offer your horse.

Envision® Classic is an extruded mini-nugget that allows for the product to be high in fat content (26%) and improves the availability of all the nutrients in Envision® Classic to deliver fast results.

Each horse is different, but at over 2,200 kcal/lb, most people start at 1 lb/day and adjust from there to accommodate specific horse needs and variations.

You can start as early as five days of age. You can continue to administer the product until the growth-related issue resolves, or until the horse is finished growing.

Top-Line™ Advanced Support helps develop muscle over the horse’s entire body. Typically the most noticeable changes occur over the topline area, but all muscle groups will benefit from adding Top-Line™ Advanced Support into their diet.

ProAdd™ Ultimate is a controlled starch and low-sugar supplement that can be top-dress on any feed. ProAdd™ Ultimate provides necessary nutrients for hoof, hair coat, muscle, digestive health and vitamin needs in a very easy-to-feed, all-in-one supplement.

Individually listed ingredient tags provide you with a consistent product from bag to bag. This ensures that each bag of Progressive Nutrition® product delivers the same proven performance and results as the next.

Weanlings and yearlings can be picky eaters, resulting in erratic intakes, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Growth Sweet is a highly palatable and highly fortified feed that helps keep the pickiest babies eating and growing to reach their full potential.

Choose either our ProAdvantage® Grass Diet Balancer or ProAdvantage® Alfalfa Diet Balancer product in this situation. ProAdvantage® can be fed to any horse over four months of age and until they can no longer chew hay in their golden years. Adjust the level of ProAdvantage® fed per day based on the horse’s size, activity level, growth or reproductive status. Add more calories only if a particular horse needs them. You can design a results-based, but very cost-effective, feeding program for each horse on your farm.