Progressive Nutrition® is a research-based company dedicated to providing the precise nutrition horses need to look, feel and perform their best. We offer customized supplements that give your horses the specific nutrients they need.


Foal Supplements

Veterinary Care Products

 Buy Progressive Nutrition Supplements Online 

Buy Select Progressive Products Online

Select Progressive Nutrition horse supplements, minerals, and foal milk replacers are available for purchase online. 

Proof of veterinary license will be required before purchasing any Veterinary Care products.

We ship to all 50 states in the United States.

Top-Line Evaluation System

Top-Line Evaluation System

The Top-Line Evaluation System (TES) assesses your horse’s overall muscle development. 

The TES is a visual and hands-on assessment of a horse’s topline from the withers back through and including the hip area.

Progressive Nutrition Horse Feeds and Diet Balancers

At Progressive Nutrition, we’ve always worked hard to bring you the very best in nutrition products for your horses. As we move into the future, we are refining that focus to bring you the very best in nutritional supplements.

Our current line of horse feeds and diet balancers is currently transitioning to the ProElite horse feed brand, where they will become part of a family of products that stand out for their nutritional superiority.Learn more here

Progressive Nutrition® makes it easier to offer the right nutrients in the right amounts of feed. We give owners the flexibility to meet the individual needs of any horse, and the precise nutrition it takes to help horses reach their true genetic potential.